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I started my weekend listening on the radio to some of the last surviving D Day war veterans’ recollections. I woke up on Monday to find a couple of Nazi sympathizers had been voted to represent the UK in Europe. For those idle ignoramuses that voted for the BNP, you could at least have had the decency to wait for the passing of these last surviving veterans.

I blame the amoral politicians and the newspapers, who’s proprietors, have great influence in these waters who neither pay taxes or even claim to live in this country of ours.

It is time now to make voting compulsory and have some proper representation of the people rather than these power hungry scavengers we call MP’s.


Buses & Banks have same values

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The Bus Companies and the Bankers have got the same values as the rest of us, the only difference is they don’t need to do the lottery.

The buses run as a business for profit. Bankers run banks for profit. They are both run successfully, for themselves, and has very little to do with it working well for the rest of us. Its called Capitalism.

There are three types of bus route, profitable, break even and subsidized. They all fall over themselves for the profitable ones, they get paid by the taxpayers for the subsidized ones and who wants to run a route for nothing (break even routes).

It would make better sense to provide free public transport but oil, car and bus companies would have a lot to say about that.  Stagecoach owner Brian Souter made a £500,000 donation to the SDP two years ago and yes you guessed it, they dropped a manifesto pledge to reform the transport network.

Our Transport system in this country is fragmented and piecemeal not what you would expect in the 21st Century more 19th Century.

As for the bankers, well if you were offered a job that ensured you won the lottery several times a year, would you turn it down ?

Question to Cameron

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Given your portfolio, would it not make sense to put free public transport for all on the agenda. Millions of cars every day are burning fuel sat in traffic jams going nowhere fast. New housing developments look like over grown car parks and your building new runways for everyone to get away from all this. Bearing in mind the detrimental effect this all has on the environment, investing in the rail, waterways and road infrastructure to ensure a first class transport system might get people staying in this country more for their holidays with less cars on the roads.