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The low carbon economy con

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Our Parliament introduced a Climate Change Act (2008) setting out a target and some guidance in how to reduce our carbon emissions, 80% reduction of our 1990 levels and the need to make radical changes to the way we do things.
A Low Carbon Economy, like all well sounding policies, is more about the spin and nothing to do with substance. On one side of the argument, there is no crisis with our climate, it is simply a justification for an increase in our taxes. On the other side they argue that we are doing irrepairable damage to our planet and we need to act fast.
Imagine there was a way in which there was a solution to satisfy both parties, something that would reduce our emissions significantly and putting more money in our pockets. Our current strategy is akin to supplying cheap ashtrays on motorbikes with a windbreak thrown in.
We currently subsidise the private train and bus companies to the tune of £6 billion a year. The trains and buses are cramped and expensive and buying tickets for journeys is more of a krypton factor than a straightforward excersise. With an additional 1p on taxes and using the money for subsidies we could have a free public transport system. The free scheme for our pensioners proved how popular the move could be, providing much needed jobs and allowing people to have more money in their pockets.
Unfortunately our politicians are advised by representatives of big business sponsored lobby groups. A donation by Stagecoach to the SNP only a few years ago put paid to any ground breaking free transport ideas. Surely our politicians should be developing policies to benefit all of us rather than the few.


Taxing Issue

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Greg Pope, like most other politicians have lost the plot, they just don’t get it do they?  The whole point of a tax system is to collect a fair contribution from those of us who can afford, to pay for the services that everyone benefits from, a communal pot. So when those who have the task of allocating said pot, the politicians, are all helping themselves to it, the expenses debacle, you can understand why no one wants  to contribute any more than they have to. If we had people at the helm whom we had confidence in to do the right thing then I wouldn’t mind contributing more. I’d imagine that your average worker would be happy to be earning the kind of money the higher band fall into.

The MP’s expenses and the Iraq enquiry have been a convenient smokescreen hiding the fact that a lot of us have just worked the month of January, and will continue to do so, for the next ten years for nothing. That is if anyone has managed to grapple with the figures for the Bank bailouts.

I have a couple of predictions for the future myself. More pensioners will fall into fuel poverty as a result of the energy companies holding us to ransom. More cost cutting at Hospitals to pay for the leases (PFI’s). More school playing fields lost to developments (BSF’s). More Ministers walking into Boards or paid consultancies as a result of favourable decision making whilst in Parliament. More toothless nodding ned, sycophantic cronies making up Cabinets.