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Making the unemployed work

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Unemployed set to work 30 hrs a week
Instead of heading backwards to the Victorian era of workhouses, I have a better suggestion.
Why not introduce national service instead of becoming tax payer funded cheap labour for big business.
They could train to build houses, upgrade the existing roads, rail and waterways. This could lead to a free public transport paid through taxation. We already subsidise the rail and bus companies to the tune of £6b a year. With a 1p increase in tax that would give us £12b to pay for it. At the moment it costs the poor more to travel. It would give more disposable income to those that need it most and just think what it could do for the tourism industry in this country on a hot sunny weekend.


Any one for free public transport

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In the UK we spend £6 billion on subsidies to the train and bus companies. If we add 1p on income tax we could raise a further £5 billion giving us a grand total of £11 billion a year to spend on infrastructure and transport and provide free public transport.
Not only would it create real jobs and growth, but it would eleviate congestion leading to cleaner air. Reduce road traffic accidents. The UK tourist industry would have a much needed boost every time we had a sunny weekend. It would increase disposable income to the poorest who pay proportionately more. We are being taxed to get to work and back so it would be a win win.

We are heading for gridlock and no mainstream political party has any policy on reducing cars & carbon emissions on our roads.

The low carbon economy con

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Our Parliament introduced a Climate Change Act (2008) setting out a target and some guidance in how to reduce our carbon emissions, 80% reduction of our 1990 levels and the need to make radical changes to the way we do things.
A Low Carbon Economy, like all well sounding policies, is more about the spin and nothing to do with substance. On one side of the argument, there is no crisis with our climate, it is simply a justification for an increase in our taxes. On the other side they argue that we are doing irrepairable damage to our planet and we need to act fast.
Imagine there was a way in which there was a solution to satisfy both parties, something that would reduce our emissions significantly and putting more money in our pockets. Our current strategy is akin to supplying cheap ashtrays on motorbikes with a windbreak thrown in.
We currently subsidise the private train and bus companies to the tune of £6 billion a year. The trains and buses are cramped and expensive and buying tickets for journeys is more of a krypton factor than a straightforward excersise. With an additional 1p on taxes and using the money for subsidies we could have a free public transport system. The free scheme for our pensioners proved how popular the move could be, providing much needed jobs and allowing people to have more money in their pockets.
Unfortunately our politicians are advised by representatives of big business sponsored lobby groups. A donation by Stagecoach to the SNP only a few years ago put paid to any ground breaking free transport ideas. Surely our politicians should be developing policies to benefit all of us rather than the few.

Selective Amnesia

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Cllr Tapp(27/2 letters) would appear to be suffering from selective amnesia. It was the Tories who sold off the Council houses that has created a housing apartheid. It is very difficult now for first time buyers and the people, who’s families have lived for generations, having to leave their local villages because of the high costs associated with living outside the towns.
It was the Tories who introduced PFI’s to build our Hospitals who can no longer afford to pay the rent.
It was the Tories who sold off the Utility companies to introduce competition, which has turned out to be nothing more than a racket.
We were told that those of us who do not use public transport shouldn’t be subsidising those that do, so the Tories sold the buses off and fragmented the rail transport system. We now subsidise that shower of s**t to the tune of £6b a year. 60% of the bus transport turnover is in subsidies.
Instead of the usual party diatribe, why don’t you start tackling the white elephant in the room, there aren’t enough jobs to go round. 
I heard that the Tories would be the “greenest Government ever”, if that be the case, create some real jobs by upgrading existing roads and rail infrastructure and implementing a free public transport system. It would stimulate the economy by moving people around quicker, an argument being put forward by the High Speed 2 racket, and giving people on lower incomes more disposable income. Never mind the reducing top rate of tax for the wealthy, it is the rest of us at the bottom who generate real demand.
Let’s have a low carbon economy where we can all benefit from cleaner air, cheaper travel and less congestion and accidents. Oh, sorry I forgot, governments don’t work for us, they work for “them”.
Concentrate on moving forward Cllr Tapp and don’t use terms like “responsible Capitalism” there’s no such thing.

Poor Media Coverage

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I share the sentiments of Paul Kokoski(let. May 1st) about the importance of reporting by the media. As an Independent PPC for Hyndburn I do not enjoy the kind of support the main parties have behind the scenes. The coverage by the local media on such an important election has either been mediocre or in the case of one of them nonexistent. Duty of care for the readership has gone out of the window.
I decided to put my name in the hat thinking it would be a good opportunity to put forward policies that no one else is proposing. Free public transport is the only way in which to reverse the congestion problem and significantly reducing our carbon footprint at the same time. I do not want to be cleaning out my plastic , sorting out my cardboard knowing that it is a complete waste of time. Our Government should be leading from the front.
We don’t even need any legislation concerning the Banks. If you want to give people real choice set up a Bank of Britain and watch people flock to it. Instead of being the middle men connecting savers and borrowers they have become a beast unto themselves and are completely out of control, by being in control of our Politicians.
There will not be any change with any of the three parties elected, big business runs the show with a few different coloured mouth pieces. The media are not much better. There is nothing abnormal or evil about Politicians and Bankers. Demonising them sells news but does not address the real problem behind it, the system rewards bad behaviour. It’s the system stupid.

Craig Ian Hall Independent Policy Ideas

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Developing good governance and transparency
A Corruption Czar, it’s corruption that has brought about the mess.
Set a corruption amnesty but on a case by case basis using a plea bargaining system.

Unilateral disarmament, scrap Trident
Reduce our armed forces to smaller specialist units and increase spending on support services like the Territorial Army
Withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan – hold our hands up and admit we got it wrong. We should be investing in new technology and exporting peace. Compared to wars it would be cheaper delivering the new technology to these very people for nothing.
We could even afford to buy up the poppy crops, but war is a more profitable route.

Abolish private pensions
Bring them back in house and provide the funding for cheap affordable residencies for the elderly and key workers in every town.

Stop the politicisation of our Police, Teaching and Nursing professions with box ticking exercises. Substance rather than appearance. Let them get on with it

A People’s bank offering a service in every town, giving us, the buzz word, “choice” from the usual banks. I know where my money would go.

Free public transport
According to the CBI congestion costs us £20b a year. It would be a ten year plan, so the sooner we start it the better.
It is the only way we will reduce traffic on the roads as we head towards gridlock. Improving air quality, reducing road accidents and carbon footprints. Improving social mobility would strengthen communities. Its a win win situation. Again we have vested interests that prefer a car dependent economy.
Just think of the message we would be sending out to the rest of the world. We are serious about climate change and we will lead by example. Something to be proud about.

Reducing class sizes and allowing children to have a stimulating education rather than something drilled into them.

Why not start from the premise that there isn’t enough full time work to go round. After all, do we really want to create meaningless jobs for the sake of it and continuing to use up the earth’s finite resources on tat. We could look at the idea of reducing the working week to 21 hours. The New Economic Foundation are already looking at this idea.

Tap into civic pride with a wide range of local projects supported and developed. Far more youth centred activities with at least one theatre in every town. Having recently discovered the world of Am Dram, I’m in awe of the efforts of all these volunteers to provide local entertainment.

Most of these ideas have a couple of things in common. No one would make a great deal of money from them but we would all benefit.