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More Capitalism, my arse

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Ian Birrell, what planet are you on(voices, 20/02). Why on earth would anyone want to be in our position. Your front page on the same day forecasts a period of darkness (“Energy dark age”) in the not too distant future. We have an ageing population with more and more pensioners being seen as economic liabilities. We are constantly cutting back and selling off public land and buildings. The NHS is being dismantled and farmed off and will eventually be paralysed with the debt of the PFI deals. Energy shortages, pension liabilities and failing health services, all ticking time bombs, whilst are leaders take time out for a spat over a royal.
Capitalism is inherently corrupt, no one asks where you got your money from. The sooner more people wake up and smell the coffee the better. 
I hope these “flourishing” nations learn from us and do things differently.
Ps. Can he point me in the direction of my prosperity and well being I should be experiencing by now or was he referring to the 1%


Any one for free public transport

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In the UK we spend £6 billion on subsidies to the train and bus companies. If we add 1p on income tax we could raise a further £5 billion giving us a grand total of £11 billion a year to spend on infrastructure and transport and provide free public transport.
Not only would it create real jobs and growth, but it would eleviate congestion leading to cleaner air. Reduce road traffic accidents. The UK tourist industry would have a much needed boost every time we had a sunny weekend. It would increase disposable income to the poorest who pay proportionately more. We are being taxed to get to work and back so it would be a win win.

We are heading for gridlock and no mainstream political party has any policy on reducing cars & carbon emissions on our roads.

The low carbon economy con

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Our Parliament introduced a Climate Change Act (2008) setting out a target and some guidance in how to reduce our carbon emissions, 80% reduction of our 1990 levels and the need to make radical changes to the way we do things.
A Low Carbon Economy, like all well sounding policies, is more about the spin and nothing to do with substance. On one side of the argument, there is no crisis with our climate, it is simply a justification for an increase in our taxes. On the other side they argue that we are doing irrepairable damage to our planet and we need to act fast.
Imagine there was a way in which there was a solution to satisfy both parties, something that would reduce our emissions significantly and putting more money in our pockets. Our current strategy is akin to supplying cheap ashtrays on motorbikes with a windbreak thrown in.
We currently subsidise the private train and bus companies to the tune of £6 billion a year. The trains and buses are cramped and expensive and buying tickets for journeys is more of a krypton factor than a straightforward excersise. With an additional 1p on taxes and using the money for subsidies we could have a free public transport system. The free scheme for our pensioners proved how popular the move could be, providing much needed jobs and allowing people to have more money in their pockets.
Unfortunately our politicians are advised by representatives of big business sponsored lobby groups. A donation by Stagecoach to the SNP only a few years ago put paid to any ground breaking free transport ideas. Surely our politicians should be developing policies to benefit all of us rather than the few.

Not enough jobs to go round

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Good to see Graham Jones MP settling in at Westminster, but I could do without the default party spin. (Letters, 24/06)
You’re supposed to be a new MP who should be brimming with ideas about having a better system. Instead you prefer to propagate the myth of blaming the pencil stealers in the factory rather than the one’s walking off with the computers for our economic gloom. Instead of sucking up to your leader you should be challenging his notion of a better society. We, the people, can only do the little things, it is the Government than can plan and deliver the big things.
Our system is in meltdown and those that are in charge haven’t a clue as to what to do next. Blaming the bankers made good headlines and appeared to make sense, but all the bankers did was play out to a natural conclusion our economic system, making money out of nothing and getting the rest of us to pay ! People are rewarded for bad behaviour, why else would we end up with so many self serving ego maniacs in charge, look at the damage Blair caused.
The people of Greece have already worked out that something smells about the system. If a bookmakers has a software program to detect unusual betting patterns, then the Governments and financial institutions in Europe and around the world must have turned a blind eye to what was happening with so much money being moved out of the Greek economy. They now have an unelected bunch from the IMF telling them what and how to spend their money. Don’t be surprised if a civil war starts over in Greece, it happened in Spain. People vs. Political elite.
What all our politicians have failed to spot is the white elephant in the room, predicted some years ago by a bunch of Luddites, there’s no longer enough work to go round. The technology has finally caught up and we are free from the shackles of labour, sounds good, unfortunately only a few will be able to enjoy all of this free time. So Mr. Jones MP, you now have a platform and an opportunity, so let’s start with the debate “ What if there isn’t enough work for everyone?” – Discuss.

Bookies Guide to Banking

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If there were any clues as to what the bankers were doing with our money at the casino, look up the word derivative. Found mainly in “quick guide to being a bookie” books, it’s just a complicated bet !

 They are there primarily to make money, tempted only by the large bonus arrangements and boy have they done well. They are making more money now in the downturn than they were during the upturn. Given that the bankers “modus operandi” is for making money at any cost, it’s the perfect storm.

It was our pension funds they were using and it won’t be the banks paying back the money either, that money has gone. The only money our Gvt will get from the banks is from us again through nefarious bank charges.

The problem is exacerbated by our MP’s who have now  lost any moral authority due to their complicity in the lobbying and expenses scandals, which is very unfortunate for the good ones. Furthermore it is becoming clear that the bankers who have a stranglehold on the economic recovery and holding the Government to ransom, are demanding business as usual after the elections.

Now would be a good time to break up the whole system and  offer a Bank of Britain in all the Post Offices, similar to the PostBank system in New Zealand.

Given a radical alternative to the existing banks, I, like many others, would be happy to close my accounts and move to a people’s bank. With a local manager in touch with local businesses and familiar with local issues it would be good to get back to a nice, convenient, but, boring for gamblers, banking operation.

Good service and profit are not good bed fellows, they just distort things. Just ask the people of a local town near me, Rishton, how good the banking service is, there no longer is one. Why are so many people suffering at the hands of a few, it’s plain daft.