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Ineffective spending is the problem not dishonest accounting that Cllr Steve Radford states(L.T. 8 Dec.). Our current political structure is the most ineffective way of getting the right people to the right jobs, giving us a better chance of spending the taxes more effectively. Our Councilors won popularity contests, they weren’t representing any particular expertise and filling a particular portfolio. I wouldn’t be having a go at these Councilors if they held their hands up and said they didn’t know enough about it, but I don’t recall any.

The Politicians are just another level up  and clearly do far more damage. The planned spending on a new, pointless (pardon the pun) Trident System, £100b and counting, made in the US and looked after by the US on our soil, could be better spent on upgrading the transport infrastructure and providing free public transport to everyone, including Cllr Cottam. Instead they suck up to big business oil, car, train, bus and tarmac companies, apologies, if I’ve missed anyone out.

Cllr. Radford also suggests that taxes would be better used by us, away from all the corruption that goes on in the EU. May I remind him of the alleged corruption charges that surrounded the biggest export agreement in British History with the Saudis