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Come the Revolution

Posted in Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished with tags on June 5, 2009 by wagstaffe

When the dust has settled and the impact on many people of businesses and homes lost sinks in their will be civil unrest. Its just a question of time before the public realize that the foxes are still looking after the chickens. The  Sir Fred debacle is a good example of the systematic corruption going on at the top. How many people out there who were looking forward to retirement only to find the company they worked for in trouble and the pension fund disappearing. These bankers bankrupted their companies and have been saved and now they want their bonuses and pensions, its sick. For those of us that ARE interested in politics and would like to change things, understand that the status quo will remain and nothing will change, while egocentric self serving cronies remain in power. I’m surprised that little is said about alternative systems when the so called best minds around, the economists, have no idea what to do and how things will pan out, propping up an ill conceived idea called capitalism.


Alcohol Damage

Posted in Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished with tags on June 5, 2009 by wagstaffe

Don Foster MP (Letters 17/02) misses the point that lies at the heart of the problem. The only reason the sellers of alcohol sell as much as possible to as many people as possible is profit. It is a primary cause of most of the bad things that go on banking, wars, crime, exploitation, environmental damage, the list goes on. A new sustainable socioeconomic system is required, but whilst the capitalists look round for anything that will fix this insane system, we will have to wait a little longer. There doesn’t appear to be any reporting in the media of alternative systems. The Technocrats appear to have a certain appeal and have been predicting a crash of the sort we are experiencing since 1931 ! They would appear to be the  best kept secret of the 20thC . They would get rid of the budget restraint that is an inherent problem in all the public services, including the NHS, due to current economic models of scarcity and profit.

Benefit Scroungers

Posted in Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished with tags on June 5, 2009 by wagstaffe

So there have been reports of theft at UK PLC, forget about the mainframe computers going amiss, we’ll start in the pencil department. Maybe if we had closed the tax loopholes and taxed the non doms we may not be borrowing as much money now. What isn’t mentioned very often is the majority of benefits are spent in the local economy and not siphoned  off shore. If this Government is to do any investigations, I would suggest they go and find out where all the money has gone. Over £19b in bonuses last year in the City, now that’s what you call benefit fraud.

Question to Cameron

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Given your portfolio, would it not make sense to put free public transport for all on the agenda. Millions of cars every day are burning fuel sat in traffic jams going nowhere fast. New housing developments look like over grown car parks and your building new runways for everyone to get away from all this. Bearing in mind the detrimental effect this all has on the environment, investing in the rail, waterways and road infrastructure to ensure a first class transport system might get people staying in this country more for their holidays with less cars on the roads.


Posted in Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished with tags on June 5, 2009 by wagstaffe

Tackling those on benefits like they are a drain on the economy has a long history. Although, I don’t condone the behavior of the cheats, they do spend their money in the local economy and not siphoning it off in off shore bank accounts. Its akin to UK Plc being a large company and stamping out thefts and fraud. You don’t start looking in the pencil department, you start with the missing main frame computers. Close the tax loop holes and tax the nom-doms, if they don’t want to contribute fairly, go and live somewhere else. That would make more sense.


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I do hope no one takes up Margareta Pegano’s (Opinions 1/12) advice to hand over more hard earned money to be played in the Super Casino in the sky. For those who were fortunate enough to have earnings to save and buy shares, the future’s not good. To rally the workers to buy back into a dream, beggars belief. The politicians and economists can no longer predict what may happen, they have no end game. The future is about our wellbeing and sustainability, not material gain and growth. Now is not the time to start polishing a turd, its about thinking outside the box and doing things differently.

Eu Blackhole

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Ineffective spending is the problem not dishonest accounting that Cllr Steve Radford states(L.T. 8 Dec.). Our current political structure is the most ineffective way of getting the right people to the right jobs, giving us a better chance of spending the taxes more effectively. Our Councilors won popularity contests, they weren’t representing any particular expertise and filling a particular portfolio. I wouldn’t be having a go at these Councilors if they held their hands up and said they didn’t know enough about it, but I don’t recall any.

The Politicians are just another level up  and clearly do far more damage. The planned spending on a new, pointless (pardon the pun) Trident System, £100b and counting, made in the US and looked after by the US on our soil, could be better spent on upgrading the transport infrastructure and providing free public transport to everyone, including Cllr Cottam. Instead they suck up to big business oil, car, train, bus and tarmac companies, apologies, if I’ve missed anyone out.

Cllr. Radford also suggests that taxes would be better used by us, away from all the corruption that goes on in the EU. May I remind him of the alleged corruption charges that surrounded the biggest export agreement in British History with the Saudis