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Hush Sir

Posted in Independent, Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished on January 27, 2010 by wagstaffe

Call me a cynic, but listening to the two Foreign Office advisors giving evidence in the Iraq Inquiry, Sir Michael Wood and Elizabeth Wilmshurst, one was knighted and the other resigned in protest. So to all you civil servants out there, fancy keeping your head down, Sir.

Good story to tell

Posted in Accrington Observer, Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished on October 19, 2009 by wagstaffe

Greg Pope MP wasn’t wrong when he said “Labour have a good story to tell on schools, the NHS, tackling crime and taking action on climate change” (9/10).

It’s a pity it isn’t a good one.

The PFI and BFS projects will ensure, in the not too distant future, that schools and hospitals will be making frontline cuts to pay the rent.

Our own Lancashire police Force recently came top of the class for performance, but for all those unfortunate enough to become victims of crime will know, this was a box ticking performance and bears no resemblance to the apathy they show to tackling crime. The politicisation of the Police Force has resulted in a shift towards looking good rather than being good.

On climate change, we could put ourselves on the world stage by extolling the virtues of free public transport .

Alas, party politics has negated any real chance of common sense policies. Indeed gang mentality has ensured that only gang members get in.

However, not wanting to sound all doom and gloom, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You could, come May next year, make your vote count !


Posted in Lancashire Evening Telegraph, Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished on September 28, 2009 by wagstaffe

I’m thankful for the sterling work the Hospital Trust and Blackburn with Darwen Council are doing for us. Can you imagine the kind of services we would have without them in terms of the Hospital facilities and local bus services. Keep up the good work. Maybe I should have kept this one till  April Fool’s day. It’s becoming extremely difficult to be constructive or positive about the situation right now. The only people who don’t appear to see the enormity of the problems are the very people  who are in a position to sort it out.

Editorial Decisions

Posted in Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished on September 24, 2009 by wagstaffe
Next time I send a letter in and you decide to butcher it, thus altering the thrust of any point being made, please could you inform me before publishing. My comments made about sychophantic cronies produced by party politics and MP Nigel Evans “making his own sandwiches” despite voting against a minimum wage are merely factual. On the other hand if you are short of space leave it till there is enough space. All my unedited versions of letters can be seen at

Straw’s Economic Analogy

Posted in Lancashire Evening Telegraph, Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished on September 24, 2009 by wagstaffe

Great idea making a simple analogy for the masses to understand(Jack Straw” End of the world is not nigh”). How about going one step further with a dash of reality. The factory owner borrows from the bank, not for new machinery but, to fund his son’s gambling habit down at the local casino with the workers pension fund. After borrowing the money to cover part of the deficit the owner sheds a number of jobs through compulsory redundancies and then reinstates his son, back on full bonus. Bit hard to swallow that one, eh Jack.

Playground Antics

Posted in Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished with tags on July 9, 2009 by wagstaffe

In reply to Mr. Humphry (3/7), on a basic level we all want to live in a safe and secure environment and to enjoy life. If we start by excluding others who are deemed to be different by skin colour or religious beliefs, for example, we become divisive and create conflict and hostility.

I respect anyone who gets off their backsides and sets out to make the place a little bit better, even if I disagree with their ideas. Pooling the talents of everyone out there is the way forward, not excluding groups based on skin colour or any other differences. Excluding others simply on skin colour belongs in the playground and should not become an adult theme in politics. Perhaps the Observer could run an article on the Jane Elliot “Blue eyed Brown eyed” experiment that shows how ridiculous our prejudices can be towards other people who are deemed “different” and how they felt after their experiences of prejudice.

My letter merely vented my anger and frustration of our politicians and media that has created the type of voter apathy that allows for results that we got. I do not condone the actions of protesters against Mr. Griffin,  I would much prefer debate.

The problems that we are experiencing in our economy is a result of the economic model not immigration or benefit cheats like some of the media would have us believe.


Posted in Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished with tags on June 5, 2009 by wagstaffe

With all the talk about fiscal stimulus’s to kick start the economy by way of more consumption, the environmental issues take a back seat. Would it not be better to create a greener economy rather than propping up things like a defunct car industry for example. Free public transport with money spent on upgrading the infrastructure coming from the £100b we could save from scrapping a pointless, on two levels, trident nuclear  system and add 1p in income tax to fund it. At least we would see something for the money we are all going to pay.

 We are also missing a golden opportunity to spread the necessary work load amongst the population rather than creating jobs making rubbish and ultimately wasting the finite resources of the world. In the pursuit of leisure sounds a lot better than unemployed. The country is not going to come to a grinding halt with 3 million unemployed sat at home. If you are an advocate of capitalism then stop complaining if you have lost out, that is the deal, winners(only a few) and losers. In the coming months you will see were all your money went when they come back for the bargain basements, because some have made a killing.