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Selective Amnesia

Posted in Lancashire Evening Telegraph with tags , , , , on February 28, 2012 by wagstaffe

Cllr Tapp(27/2 letters) would appear to be suffering from selective amnesia. It was the Tories who sold off the Council houses that has created a housing apartheid. It is very difficult now for first time buyers and the people, who’s families have lived for generations, having to leave their local villages because of the high costs associated with living outside the towns.
It was the Tories who introduced PFI’s to build our Hospitals who can no longer afford to pay the rent.
It was the Tories who sold off the Utility companies to introduce competition, which has turned out to be nothing more than a racket.
We were told that those of us who do not use public transport shouldn’t be subsidising those that do, so the Tories sold the buses off and fragmented the rail transport system. We now subsidise that shower of s**t to the tune of £6b a year. 60% of the bus transport turnover is in subsidies.
Instead of the usual party diatribe, why don’t you start tackling the white elephant in the room, there aren’t enough jobs to go round. 
I heard that the Tories would be the “greenest Government ever”, if that be the case, create some real jobs by upgrading existing roads and rail infrastructure and implementing a free public transport system. It would stimulate the economy by moving people around quicker, an argument being put forward by the High Speed 2 racket, and giving people on lower incomes more disposable income. Never mind the reducing top rate of tax for the wealthy, it is the rest of us at the bottom who generate real demand.
Let’s have a low carbon economy where we can all benefit from cleaner air, cheaper travel and less congestion and accidents. Oh, sorry I forgot, governments don’t work for us, they work for “them”.
Concentrate on moving forward Cllr Tapp and don’t use terms like “responsible Capitalism” there’s no such thing.


Bashing the energy companies

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on February 10, 2012 by wagstaffe

If we are to believe that Capitalism is the only game in town why are we demonising the most successful proponents of our system, first the bankers and now the energy companies(10/02).All this nonsense about “responsible capitalism” is just another distraction from the real problem. There’s not enough work to go round, the Luddites were right all along.

All spin on Cycling Safety

Posted in Independent, Letters to Newspapers with tags , on February 9, 2012 by wagstaffe

If Mike Penning MP(9th Feb) is that serious about safer cycling why does he not propose a new bolder policy, free public transport. Lorries could be made to make deliveries at night time and reduce the threat even further. We could reduce our carbon emissions and put more money in the pockets of the people who need it the most. It would also allow pensioners an opportunity to enjoy their final years. Unfortunately there are a few people out there making lots of money from the debacle of a transport policy we have right now.

Greek Tragedy

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on June 29, 2011 by wagstaffe

Just wondering, with the Greek crises, when the IMF suits finally get their hands on the Greeks books and sell off just to service the debt the utility companies, ports, postal services and the international airports, to name but a few, would it qualify as the largest jumble sale in the world ? Or does it qualify as an invasion ?

Not enough jobs to go round

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Good to see Graham Jones MP settling in at Westminster, but I could do without the default party spin. (Letters, 24/06)
You’re supposed to be a new MP who should be brimming with ideas about having a better system. Instead you prefer to propagate the myth of blaming the pencil stealers in the factory rather than the one’s walking off with the computers for our economic gloom. Instead of sucking up to your leader you should be challenging his notion of a better society. We, the people, can only do the little things, it is the Government than can plan and deliver the big things.
Our system is in meltdown and those that are in charge haven’t a clue as to what to do next. Blaming the bankers made good headlines and appeared to make sense, but all the bankers did was play out to a natural conclusion our economic system, making money out of nothing and getting the rest of us to pay ! People are rewarded for bad behaviour, why else would we end up with so many self serving ego maniacs in charge, look at the damage Blair caused.
The people of Greece have already worked out that something smells about the system. If a bookmakers has a software program to detect unusual betting patterns, then the Governments and financial institutions in Europe and around the world must have turned a blind eye to what was happening with so much money being moved out of the Greek economy. They now have an unelected bunch from the IMF telling them what and how to spend their money. Don’t be surprised if a civil war starts over in Greece, it happened in Spain. People vs. Political elite.
What all our politicians have failed to spot is the white elephant in the room, predicted some years ago by a bunch of Luddites, there’s no longer enough work to go round. The technology has finally caught up and we are free from the shackles of labour, sounds good, unfortunately only a few will be able to enjoy all of this free time. So Mr. Jones MP, you now have a platform and an opportunity, so let’s start with the debate “ What if there isn’t enough work for everyone?” – Discuss.

Big Society

Posted in Independent, Lancashire Evening Telegraph with tags on February 6, 2011 by wagstaffe

David Cameron’s “Big Society” is proving to be a more elusive concept than fermat’s last theorem. It is also a stroke of genius, because he will take credit for all the good work by volunteers being done out there, despite his cuts.

Bashing Bankers

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So here we go again, bashing the bankers for their bonuses. I was always under the impression, living in a Capitalist system with a zero sum model (winners and losers), that making money was the prime motivator driving successful businesses. More profit less effort is the ultimate goal. So surely we must applaud the efforts of the bankers not demonising them !
However, being a zero sum, we can see clearly the winners and the losers with all the cutbacks and job losses meted out by millionaires down in Westminster. Do not fall into the “politics of envy” trap when we make the stark comparison between rich and poor.
The people at the top are embarrassed by the injustices exposed by the size of bankers bonuses with people losing their jobs on the back of Bankers decisions. But don’t let it be lost on demonising the Bankers, it’s the System that is to blame. It encourages bad behaviour.
Inequality and exploitation are ingrained in our very inept system. How much evidence is needed for people to realise that our current system only works well for the top 10%, the rest struggle at best or are completely discarded.