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Selective Amnesia

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Cllr Tapp(27/2 letters) would appear to be suffering from selective amnesia. It was the Tories who sold off the Council houses that has created a housing apartheid. It is very difficult now for first time buyers and the people, who’s families have lived for generations, having to leave their local villages because of the high costs associated with living outside the towns.
It was the Tories who introduced PFI’s to build our Hospitals who can no longer afford to pay the rent.
It was the Tories who sold off the Utility companies to introduce competition, which has turned out to be nothing more than a racket.
We were told that those of us who do not use public transport shouldn’t be subsidising those that do, so the Tories sold the buses off and fragmented the rail transport system. We now subsidise that shower of s**t to the tune of £6b a year. 60% of the bus transport turnover is in subsidies.
Instead of the usual party diatribe, why don’t you start tackling the white elephant in the room, there aren’t enough jobs to go round. 
I heard that the Tories would be the “greenest Government ever”, if that be the case, create some real jobs by upgrading existing roads and rail infrastructure and implementing a free public transport system. It would stimulate the economy by moving people around quicker, an argument being put forward by the High Speed 2 racket, and giving people on lower incomes more disposable income. Never mind the reducing top rate of tax for the wealthy, it is the rest of us at the bottom who generate real demand.
Let’s have a low carbon economy where we can all benefit from cleaner air, cheaper travel and less congestion and accidents. Oh, sorry I forgot, governments don’t work for us, they work for “them”.
Concentrate on moving forward Cllr Tapp and don’t use terms like “responsible Capitalism” there’s no such thing.

Big Society

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David Cameron’s “Big Society” is proving to be a more elusive concept than fermat’s last theorem. It is also a stroke of genius, because he will take credit for all the good work by volunteers being done out there, despite his cuts.

Community Centre closure – A cunning plan

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It is no use blaming the push pull antics of the two main parties for the cuts. If either of them had the answers there wouldn’t be any need for elections.
The future is bleak for many, no matter how hard working you are, our system only works well for a privileged few. How long are the silent majority going to sit back and do nothing about the carnage unfolding through savage cuts meted out by the “ don’t blame us” brigade.
If we are to buy in to this hardnosed economic argument for closing much used and needed community centres then allow me to suggest a couple of ideas for raising the necessary funds for keeping them open.
The Pope’s visit will cost tax payers an estimated £12m so let him sell a couple of paintings to cover the costs or tell him we can’t afford him. The other idea involves the Queen. As a state funded position would it not be appropriate to sell the position of Queen, like everything else we have flogged off.

It’s a Tory Legacy not a Labour mess

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The Tories are now having to deal with a mess they instigated back in the 80’s. The privatisation of pensions and the selling off of state run assets has lead to the current crises. New Labour merely carried on where the Tories left off with the help of a working class veneer.
With unfettered access to large amounts of money in pension funds and demutualised building societies the City have developed a whole new language in creative accounting.
Our drive to become a shareholder economy has had a disastrous effect on jobs and wages, farmed out abroad and reduced to increase dividends, and in the most recent example of cutting costs, BP, Gulf of Mexico, a detrimental effect on the environment.
Our once state run assets, sold on the cheap, are now run by foreign state owned companies, clearly the French, German and Dutch Governments had a better game plan for their people.
Don’t be fooled by what the Tories are now saying, the system was bust regardless of who was at the helm. Devoid of any detail prior to the General Election, all three main parties knew how bad cuts would be, it was like pulling teeth trying to get them to talk about job losses and the severity of the spending cuts. Now that they are in power, the Tories are more concerned about what the city thinks than any of the electorate, foolish enough to vote for them, worried about their jobs.
6 billion in cuts is the figure bandied about by the media over the last few months, but that is only a taster. It will cost us 4 billion per month just to pay the interest off on the debt. Years of austerity and a breadline pension to look forward to, no matter which of the three main parties got in. So much for change then.

Poor Media Coverage

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I share the sentiments of Paul Kokoski(let. May 1st) about the importance of reporting by the media. As an Independent PPC for Hyndburn I do not enjoy the kind of support the main parties have behind the scenes. The coverage by the local media on such an important election has either been mediocre or in the case of one of them nonexistent. Duty of care for the readership has gone out of the window.
I decided to put my name in the hat thinking it would be a good opportunity to put forward policies that no one else is proposing. Free public transport is the only way in which to reverse the congestion problem and significantly reducing our carbon footprint at the same time. I do not want to be cleaning out my plastic , sorting out my cardboard knowing that it is a complete waste of time. Our Government should be leading from the front.
We don’t even need any legislation concerning the Banks. If you want to give people real choice set up a Bank of Britain and watch people flock to it. Instead of being the middle men connecting savers and borrowers they have become a beast unto themselves and are completely out of control, by being in control of our Politicians.
There will not be any change with any of the three parties elected, big business runs the show with a few different coloured mouth pieces. The media are not much better. There is nothing abnormal or evil about Politicians and Bankers. Demonising them sells news but does not address the real problem behind it, the system rewards bad behaviour. It’s the system stupid.

Economic disposition

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There has been a lot said about the bankers behaviour and MP’s over their expenses. The recent revelations over the former Cabinet members touting their connections merely highlights a disposition, that most people out there adhere to, making capital. It would be really refreshing of journalists to look at alternative economic models than trying to make out that these people behave badly. Cheap journalism might sell copy but does not address the fundamental problem inherent in our Western culture.

Injustice and inequalities are by-products of our zero sum model, the idea that somehow we can attach moral and ethical values to it misses the point completely.

In all the years I have been interested in politics there has never been a better time than this to become an Independent MP. With the arrival of social networking sites, media coverage is no longer on the tight reign it has been over the years, so getting your views across is no longer subject to editorial discretion by a few. A lot of the newspapers are owned by people who do not wish to pay their fair share of tax contributions, non doms, but do have an inordinate amount of influence over how the elections will be covered.

The mainstream media is now focussing on the leaders of the parties personalities and wives, why, because they have run out of ideas. It is a hard sell to let the voters know they are going to lose their jobs or businesses on the back of the so called “wealth creators” financial decisions.

The Luddites, looking back, did have a point, there aren’t enough jobs to go round now because of the need for less labour intensive work. With all the time on people’s hands it’s a pity we can’t enjoy the time off.

Parking Tickets, It’s a Tax in all but name

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The parking tickets (“Where were we meant to park ?”; LT, Jan 6) are part and parcel of the regressive tax system  we have in this country. It’s a welcome cash cow as far as the Council are concerned. Unfortunately those victims will witness at first hand the perverse relationship between the effort of issuing a PCN to that of winning an appeal. Some folk will give up on the process. It’s a pity the Council’s don’t factor well being into their policies. Happy days.