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More Capitalism, my arse

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Ian Birrell, what planet are you on(voices, 20/02). Why on earth would anyone want to be in our position. Your front page on the same day forecasts a period of darkness (“Energy dark age”) in the not too distant future. We have an ageing population with more and more pensioners being seen as economic liabilities. We are constantly cutting back and selling off public land and buildings. The NHS is being dismantled and farmed off and will eventually be paralysed with the debt of the PFI deals. Energy shortages, pension liabilities and failing health services, all ticking time bombs, whilst are leaders take time out for a spat over a royal.
Capitalism is inherently corrupt, no one asks where you got your money from. The sooner more people wake up and smell the coffee the better. 
I hope these “flourishing” nations learn from us and do things differently.
Ps. Can he point me in the direction of my prosperity and well being I should be experiencing by now or was he referring to the 1%

All spin on Cycling Safety

Posted in Independent, Letters to Newspapers with tags , on February 9, 2012 by wagstaffe

If Mike Penning MP(9th Feb) is that serious about safer cycling why does he not propose a new bolder policy, free public transport. Lorries could be made to make deliveries at night time and reduce the threat even further. We could reduce our carbon emissions and put more money in the pockets of the people who need it the most. It would also allow pensioners an opportunity to enjoy their final years. Unfortunately there are a few people out there making lots of money from the debacle of a transport policy we have right now.

Big Society

Posted in Independent, Lancashire Evening Telegraph with tags on February 6, 2011 by wagstaffe

David Cameron’s “Big Society” is proving to be a more elusive concept than fermat’s last theorem. It is also a stroke of genius, because he will take credit for all the good work by volunteers being done out there, despite his cuts.

Community Centre closure – A cunning plan

Posted in Accrington Observer, economics, Independent, Lancashire Evening Telegraph, Letters to Newspapers, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on July 12, 2010 by wagstaffe

It is no use blaming the push pull antics of the two main parties for the cuts. If either of them had the answers there wouldn’t be any need for elections.
The future is bleak for many, no matter how hard working you are, our system only works well for a privileged few. How long are the silent majority going to sit back and do nothing about the carnage unfolding through savage cuts meted out by the “ don’t blame us” brigade.
If we are to buy in to this hardnosed economic argument for closing much used and needed community centres then allow me to suggest a couple of ideas for raising the necessary funds for keeping them open.
The Pope’s visit will cost tax payers an estimated £12m so let him sell a couple of paintings to cover the costs or tell him we can’t afford him. The other idea involves the Queen. As a state funded position would it not be appropriate to sell the position of Queen, like everything else we have flogged off.

Economic disposition

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There has been a lot said about the bankers behaviour and MP’s over their expenses. The recent revelations over the former Cabinet members touting their connections merely highlights a disposition, that most people out there adhere to, making capital. It would be really refreshing of journalists to look at alternative economic models than trying to make out that these people behave badly. Cheap journalism might sell copy but does not address the fundamental problem inherent in our Western culture.

Injustice and inequalities are by-products of our zero sum model, the idea that somehow we can attach moral and ethical values to it misses the point completely.

In all the years I have been interested in politics there has never been a better time than this to become an Independent MP. With the arrival of social networking sites, media coverage is no longer on the tight reign it has been over the years, so getting your views across is no longer subject to editorial discretion by a few. A lot of the newspapers are owned by people who do not wish to pay their fair share of tax contributions, non doms, but do have an inordinate amount of influence over how the elections will be covered.

The mainstream media is now focussing on the leaders of the parties personalities and wives, why, because they have run out of ideas. It is a hard sell to let the voters know they are going to lose their jobs or businesses on the back of the so called “wealth creators” financial decisions.

The Luddites, looking back, did have a point, there aren’t enough jobs to go round now because of the need for less labour intensive work. With all the time on people’s hands it’s a pity we can’t enjoy the time off.

Hush Sir

Posted in Independent, Letters to Newspapers, Unpublished on January 27, 2010 by wagstaffe

Call me a cynic, but listening to the two Foreign Office advisors giving evidence in the Iraq Inquiry, Sir Michael Wood and Elizabeth Wilmshurst, one was knighted and the other resigned in protest. So to all you civil servants out there, fancy keeping your head down, Sir.