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Not enough jobs to go round

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Good to see Graham Jones MP settling in at Westminster, but I could do without the default party spin. (Letters, 24/06)
You’re supposed to be a new MP who should be brimming with ideas about having a better system. Instead you prefer to propagate the myth of blaming the pencil stealers in the factory rather than the one’s walking off with the computers for our economic gloom. Instead of sucking up to your leader you should be challenging his notion of a better society. We, the people, can only do the little things, it is the Government than can plan and deliver the big things.
Our system is in meltdown and those that are in charge haven’t a clue as to what to do next. Blaming the bankers made good headlines and appeared to make sense, but all the bankers did was play out to a natural conclusion our economic system, making money out of nothing and getting the rest of us to pay ! People are rewarded for bad behaviour, why else would we end up with so many self serving ego maniacs in charge, look at the damage Blair caused.
The people of Greece have already worked out that something smells about the system. If a bookmakers has a software program to detect unusual betting patterns, then the Governments and financial institutions in Europe and around the world must have turned a blind eye to what was happening with so much money being moved out of the Greek economy. They now have an unelected bunch from the IMF telling them what and how to spend their money. Don’t be surprised if a civil war starts over in Greece, it happened in Spain. People vs. Political elite.
What all our politicians have failed to spot is the white elephant in the room, predicted some years ago by a bunch of Luddites, there’s no longer enough work to go round. The technology has finally caught up and we are free from the shackles of labour, sounds good, unfortunately only a few will be able to enjoy all of this free time. So Mr. Jones MP, you now have a platform and an opportunity, so let’s start with the debate “ What if there isn’t enough work for everyone?” – Discuss.


Community Centre closure – A cunning plan

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It is no use blaming the push pull antics of the two main parties for the cuts. If either of them had the answers there wouldn’t be any need for elections.
The future is bleak for many, no matter how hard working you are, our system only works well for a privileged few. How long are the silent majority going to sit back and do nothing about the carnage unfolding through savage cuts meted out by the “ don’t blame us” brigade.
If we are to buy in to this hardnosed economic argument for closing much used and needed community centres then allow me to suggest a couple of ideas for raising the necessary funds for keeping them open.
The Pope’s visit will cost tax payers an estimated £12m so let him sell a couple of paintings to cover the costs or tell him we can’t afford him. The other idea involves the Queen. As a state funded position would it not be appropriate to sell the position of Queen, like everything else we have flogged off.

Economic disposition

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There has been a lot said about the bankers behaviour and MP’s over their expenses. The recent revelations over the former Cabinet members touting their connections merely highlights a disposition, that most people out there adhere to, making capital. It would be really refreshing of journalists to look at alternative economic models than trying to make out that these people behave badly. Cheap journalism might sell copy but does not address the fundamental problem inherent in our Western culture.

Injustice and inequalities are by-products of our zero sum model, the idea that somehow we can attach moral and ethical values to it misses the point completely.

In all the years I have been interested in politics there has never been a better time than this to become an Independent MP. With the arrival of social networking sites, media coverage is no longer on the tight reign it has been over the years, so getting your views across is no longer subject to editorial discretion by a few. A lot of the newspapers are owned by people who do not wish to pay their fair share of tax contributions, non doms, but do have an inordinate amount of influence over how the elections will be covered.

The mainstream media is now focussing on the leaders of the parties personalities and wives, why, because they have run out of ideas. It is a hard sell to let the voters know they are going to lose their jobs or businesses on the back of the so called “wealth creators” financial decisions.

The Luddites, looking back, did have a point, there aren’t enough jobs to go round now because of the need for less labour intensive work. With all the time on people’s hands it’s a pity we can’t enjoy the time off.

Taxing Issue

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Greg Pope, like most other politicians have lost the plot, they just don’t get it do they?  The whole point of a tax system is to collect a fair contribution from those of us who can afford, to pay for the services that everyone benefits from, a communal pot. So when those who have the task of allocating said pot, the politicians, are all helping themselves to it, the expenses debacle, you can understand why no one wants  to contribute any more than they have to. If we had people at the helm whom we had confidence in to do the right thing then I wouldn’t mind contributing more. I’d imagine that your average worker would be happy to be earning the kind of money the higher band fall into.

The MP’s expenses and the Iraq enquiry have been a convenient smokescreen hiding the fact that a lot of us have just worked the month of January, and will continue to do so, for the next ten years for nothing. That is if anyone has managed to grapple with the figures for the Bank bailouts.

I have a couple of predictions for the future myself. More pensioners will fall into fuel poverty as a result of the energy companies holding us to ransom. More cost cutting at Hospitals to pay for the leases (PFI’s). More school playing fields lost to developments (BSF’s). More Ministers walking into Boards or paid consultancies as a result of favourable decision making whilst in Parliament. More toothless nodding ned, sycophantic cronies making up Cabinets.

Don’t Be Fooled

Posted in Accrington Observer, Letters to Newspapers on January 20, 2010 by wagstaffe

Don’t be fooled by Graham Jones’s comments, “Grit shortage is a disgrace” (15/1), he’s just playing politics with little substance. Imagine if LCC was under Labour control, I doubt he would venting his feelings in public, and therein lies the problem. Politics nationally and at local level are products of the filtering process among the political gangs. Any trouble makers or dissenting voices are either weeded out, muted or not put forward for election. The net effect is the mediocrity on a large scale giving rise to some of the nutty decisions our councillors and politicians make that we read about. We need good governance brought about by progressive politics. Unfortunately the gangs have all the resources at their disposal to maintain the status quo and put forward new faces, same old tune.

Good story to tell

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Greg Pope MP wasn’t wrong when he said “Labour have a good story to tell on schools, the NHS, tackling crime and taking action on climate change” (9/10).

It’s a pity it isn’t a good one.

The PFI and BFS projects will ensure, in the not too distant future, that schools and hospitals will be making frontline cuts to pay the rent.

Our own Lancashire police Force recently came top of the class for performance, but for all those unfortunate enough to become victims of crime will know, this was a box ticking performance and bears no resemblance to the apathy they show to tackling crime. The politicisation of the Police Force has resulted in a shift towards looking good rather than being good.

On climate change, we could put ourselves on the world stage by extolling the virtues of free public transport .

Alas, party politics has negated any real chance of common sense policies. Indeed gang mentality has ensured that only gang members get in.

However, not wanting to sound all doom and gloom, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You could, come May next year, make your vote count !