Sowing the seeds for a better tomorrow

I have nothing but admiration for our teachers, particularly under the current circumstances. It’s the politicians who I would question. Why is it that we still have something resembling a glorified babysitting service.
Like the old proverb, “teach a man to fish” we should be equipping our kids to think, rather than what to think.
We still group our kids in classes by date of manufacture rather than by ability. A one size fits all mentality. Just imagine if our kids were coming home asking questions like, why do we have food banks for people when we are the 6th richest nation. Why do we have so many homeless people when we have over 50,000 churches in the UK lying empty for long periods dedicated to a man who cares for us all, maybe he enjoys irony.
Why do we develop drugs that save lives, but refuse to give them because they don’t have the money. Why would some people want to go to war just to make money?
How come, in a free market society, interest rates are rigged and oil prices are controlled. How come the politicians talk about austerity and the debt but nothing on who we actually owe all the money to.
To give our kids some chance of making things work a whole lot better, we should be introducing philosophy into primary schools and getting rid of exams and having far smaller class sizes. How on earth can a child fail, they are just kids. It’s the education system that fails them.
Having said that, the Politicians may have realised that if they did educate the kids properly, no one would be daft enough to vote for them.

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