Not enough jobs to go round

Good to see Graham Jones MP settling in at Westminster, but I could do without the default party spin. (Letters, 24/06)
You’re supposed to be a new MP who should be brimming with ideas about having a better system. Instead you prefer to propagate the myth of blaming the pencil stealers in the factory rather than the one’s walking off with the computers for our economic gloom. Instead of sucking up to your leader you should be challenging his notion of a better society. We, the people, can only do the little things, it is the Government than can plan and deliver the big things.
Our system is in meltdown and those that are in charge haven’t a clue as to what to do next. Blaming the bankers made good headlines and appeared to make sense, but all the bankers did was play out to a natural conclusion our economic system, making money out of nothing and getting the rest of us to pay ! People are rewarded for bad behaviour, why else would we end up with so many self serving ego maniacs in charge, look at the damage Blair caused.
The people of Greece have already worked out that something smells about the system. If a bookmakers has a software program to detect unusual betting patterns, then the Governments and financial institutions in Europe and around the world must have turned a blind eye to what was happening with so much money being moved out of the Greek economy. They now have an unelected bunch from the IMF telling them what and how to spend their money. Don’t be surprised if a civil war starts over in Greece, it happened in Spain. People vs. Political elite.
What all our politicians have failed to spot is the white elephant in the room, predicted some years ago by a bunch of Luddites, there’s no longer enough work to go round. The technology has finally caught up and we are free from the shackles of labour, sounds good, unfortunately only a few will be able to enjoy all of this free time. So Mr. Jones MP, you now have a platform and an opportunity, so let’s start with the debate “ What if there isn’t enough work for everyone?” – Discuss.

One Response to “Not enough jobs to go round”

  1. Ian Housby Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. The only thing missing from your comment is that once the goverment (for want of a better term – I use it loosely) decided that “something should be done” they did what most governments do with regard to anything important: nothing!! It is up to the new MPs like Mr. Jones to use their new-found soap box to get things stirred up. Anyone seriously thinking that a Tory “government” would do anything to stop greed probably believes in Father Christmas. It is what they are about, they encouraged the “freedom” of financial services and legislated for it under Thatcher and it is that legacy we are now suffering from. Don’t forget that these so-called evil bankers are the same ones that many (most?) leading Tories spend their time dining with and playing golf with. It reminds me of the closing stages of Orwells fabulous little book Animal Farm, when the animals peeped in through the farnhouse window to see the pigs and the humans arguing over the table. They looked from pig to man and from man to pig and could no-longer see a difference.
    The only hope of gettng things done to stop the rot should have been with the Lib-Dems but they are so busy laying waste to their own beliefs in order to cling on to the only hint of power that they have had in modern times, or are ever likely to have again, that they have ceased to exist as an entity and have simply become worse than the Tories. At least with the Tories we all know what they stand for, the Lib-Dems simply hide behind a cloak of “morals” that now lie in the gutter of British politics, waiting to be swept away along with all the other rubbish.
    Come on Mr. Jones, it’s ages off a general election, stand up for the people who elected you, don’t worry too much about what your leaders think just now. There are too many new politicians who start off with ideals and then just settle for ideal careers, don’t be one of them.

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