Bashing Bankers

So here we go again, bashing the bankers for their bonuses. I was always under the impression, living in a Capitalist system with a zero sum model (winners and losers), that making money was the prime motivator driving successful businesses. More profit less effort is the ultimate goal. So surely we must applaud the efforts of the bankers not demonising them !
However, being a zero sum, we can see clearly the winners and the losers with all the cutbacks and job losses meted out by millionaires down in Westminster. Do not fall into the “politics of envy” trap when we make the stark comparison between rich and poor.
The people at the top are embarrassed by the injustices exposed by the size of bankers bonuses with people losing their jobs on the back of Bankers decisions. But don’t let it be lost on demonising the Bankers, it’s the System that is to blame. It encourages bad behaviour.
Inequality and exploitation are ingrained in our very inept system. How much evidence is needed for people to realise that our current system only works well for the top 10%, the rest struggle at best or are completely discarded.


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