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Good governance, my arse

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If I was to organise a popularity contest in our local newspaper to determine who I employed at work, people would think I was mad. How could I possibly find the right candidate to do the job effectively with that type of recruitment Strategy. Yet that is how our local Government is run by Councillors all pulling in different directions and all claiming to have the remit to do so by their local electorate. Mind you it makes good copy for the newspapers judging by some of the decisions being made.


Community Centre closure – A cunning plan

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It is no use blaming the push pull antics of the two main parties for the cuts. If either of them had the answers there wouldn’t be any need for elections.
The future is bleak for many, no matter how hard working you are, our system only works well for a privileged few. How long are the silent majority going to sit back and do nothing about the carnage unfolding through savage cuts meted out by the “ don’t blame us” brigade.
If we are to buy in to this hardnosed economic argument for closing much used and needed community centres then allow me to suggest a couple of ideas for raising the necessary funds for keeping them open.
The Pope’s visit will cost tax payers an estimated £12m so let him sell a couple of paintings to cover the costs or tell him we can’t afford him. The other idea involves the Queen. As a state funded position would it not be appropriate to sell the position of Queen, like everything else we have flogged off.