It’s a Tory Legacy not a Labour mess

The Tories are now having to deal with a mess they instigated back in the 80’s. The privatisation of pensions and the selling off of state run assets has lead to the current crises. New Labour merely carried on where the Tories left off with the help of a working class veneer.
With unfettered access to large amounts of money in pension funds and demutualised building societies the City have developed a whole new language in creative accounting.
Our drive to become a shareholder economy has had a disastrous effect on jobs and wages, farmed out abroad and reduced to increase dividends, and in the most recent example of cutting costs, BP, Gulf of Mexico, a detrimental effect on the environment.
Our once state run assets, sold on the cheap, are now run by foreign state owned companies, clearly the French, German and Dutch Governments had a better game plan for their people.
Don’t be fooled by what the Tories are now saying, the system was bust regardless of who was at the helm. Devoid of any detail prior to the General Election, all three main parties knew how bad cuts would be, it was like pulling teeth trying to get them to talk about job losses and the severity of the spending cuts. Now that they are in power, the Tories are more concerned about what the city thinks than any of the electorate, foolish enough to vote for them, worried about their jobs.
6 billion in cuts is the figure bandied about by the media over the last few months, but that is only a taster. It will cost us 4 billion per month just to pay the interest off on the debt. Years of austerity and a breadline pension to look forward to, no matter which of the three main parties got in. So much for change then.


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