Shame on you

During a General Election period journalist should be celebrating the art of freedom of speech. Around the world your colleagues are risking life and limb to cover the stories others would prefer to cover up and allowing people to read what is happening. What a pity then that despite a full time political correspondent on your books, you couldn’t find the time to cover new ideas and policy from some of the smaller parties or independent candidates like myself. Surely it is not for the media to pre judge smaller less supported parties, that should be left to the electorate. I paid my deposit like everyone else, am I not equal in that respect. There is a certain irony to the plea from myself in the paper (3/05), not to vote for me, so little was made of the stunt I had over 300 votes. What a pity we have to resort to stunts rather than policy to get some publicity. Maybe now that the election is over you could put your political correspondent in charge of circus news.


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