Poor Media Coverage

I share the sentiments of Paul Kokoski(let. May 1st) about the importance of reporting by the media. As an Independent PPC for Hyndburn I do not enjoy the kind of support the main parties have behind the scenes. The coverage by the local media on such an important election has either been mediocre or in the case of one of them nonexistent. Duty of care for the readership has gone out of the window.
I decided to put my name in the hat thinking it would be a good opportunity to put forward policies that no one else is proposing. Free public transport is the only way in which to reverse the congestion problem and significantly reducing our carbon footprint at the same time. I do not want to be cleaning out my plastic , sorting out my cardboard knowing that it is a complete waste of time. Our Government should be leading from the front.
We don’t even need any legislation concerning the Banks. If you want to give people real choice set up a Bank of Britain and watch people flock to it. Instead of being the middle men connecting savers and borrowers they have become a beast unto themselves and are completely out of control, by being in control of our Politicians.
There will not be any change with any of the three parties elected, big business runs the show with a few different coloured mouth pieces. The media are not much better. There is nothing abnormal or evil about Politicians and Bankers. Demonising them sells news but does not address the real problem behind it, the system rewards bad behaviour. It’s the system stupid.


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