Craig Ian Hall Independent Policy Ideas

Developing good governance and transparency
A Corruption Czar, it’s corruption that has brought about the mess.
Set a corruption amnesty but on a case by case basis using a plea bargaining system.

Unilateral disarmament, scrap Trident
Reduce our armed forces to smaller specialist units and increase spending on support services like the Territorial Army
Withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan – hold our hands up and admit we got it wrong. We should be investing in new technology and exporting peace. Compared to wars it would be cheaper delivering the new technology to these very people for nothing.
We could even afford to buy up the poppy crops, but war is a more profitable route.

Abolish private pensions
Bring them back in house and provide the funding for cheap affordable residencies for the elderly and key workers in every town.

Stop the politicisation of our Police, Teaching and Nursing professions with box ticking exercises. Substance rather than appearance. Let them get on with it

A People’s bank offering a service in every town, giving us, the buzz word, “choice” from the usual banks. I know where my money would go.

Free public transport
According to the CBI congestion costs us £20b a year. It would be a ten year plan, so the sooner we start it the better.
It is the only way we will reduce traffic on the roads as we head towards gridlock. Improving air quality, reducing road accidents and carbon footprints. Improving social mobility would strengthen communities. Its a win win situation. Again we have vested interests that prefer a car dependent economy.
Just think of the message we would be sending out to the rest of the world. We are serious about climate change and we will lead by example. Something to be proud about.

Reducing class sizes and allowing children to have a stimulating education rather than something drilled into them.

Why not start from the premise that there isn’t enough full time work to go round. After all, do we really want to create meaningless jobs for the sake of it and continuing to use up the earth’s finite resources on tat. We could look at the idea of reducing the working week to 21 hours. The New Economic Foundation are already looking at this idea.

Tap into civic pride with a wide range of local projects supported and developed. Far more youth centred activities with at least one theatre in every town. Having recently discovered the world of Am Dram, I’m in awe of the efforts of all these volunteers to provide local entertainment.

Most of these ideas have a couple of things in common. No one would make a great deal of money from them but we would all benefit.


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