Bookies Guide to Banking

If there were any clues as to what the bankers were doing with our money at the casino, look up the word derivative. Found mainly in “quick guide to being a bookie” books, it’s just a complicated bet !

 They are there primarily to make money, tempted only by the large bonus arrangements and boy have they done well. They are making more money now in the downturn than they were during the upturn. Given that the bankers “modus operandi” is for making money at any cost, it’s the perfect storm.

It was our pension funds they were using and it won’t be the banks paying back the money either, that money has gone. The only money our Gvt will get from the banks is from us again through nefarious bank charges.

The problem is exacerbated by our MP’s who have now  lost any moral authority due to their complicity in the lobbying and expenses scandals, which is very unfortunate for the good ones. Furthermore it is becoming clear that the bankers who have a stranglehold on the economic recovery and holding the Government to ransom, are demanding business as usual after the elections.

Now would be a good time to break up the whole system and  offer a Bank of Britain in all the Post Offices, similar to the PostBank system in New Zealand.

Given a radical alternative to the existing banks, I, like many others, would be happy to close my accounts and move to a people’s bank. With a local manager in touch with local businesses and familiar with local issues it would be good to get back to a nice, convenient, but, boring for gamblers, banking operation.

Good service and profit are not good bed fellows, they just distort things. Just ask the people of a local town near me, Rishton, how good the banking service is, there no longer is one. Why are so many people suffering at the hands of a few, it’s plain daft.


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