Prison Standards

There is a lot of debate about the creature comforts our prisoners have that rest of us struggle to maintain outside of prisons. If life is indeed a struggle for the majority of folk in this country and leading to comparisons  with prisoners in our jails, it doesn’t say much for the system we currently live in. Surely if our lives were indeed a lot happier, prisoners would know they were missing out, but if you have nothing and nobody cares about you, judging by the some of the letters, you can’t blame them.

With the threat of unemployment and the insecurity that follows, many of us will be glad just to have a job and a roof over our heads by the end of the year. With the inevitable cuts in services and job losses, the national debt to be repaid, the pension blackhole growing, at a time when more people than ever before will be coming up to retirement, the future looks pretty bleak. It’s a mess we are left in through no fault of our own, but you know the people who are going to be alright, the politicians and the bankers. In a perverse way, should we not be applauding the bankers, for they have been extremely successful and made a lot of capital in a capitalist system.

You’d think we would have developed a system, by now, where our lives are worth living well, not just living. Instead of looking further down the food chain, I suggest you look up, 5% of the population own over 90% of the wealth, I don’t think they would consider prison, life’s too good.


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