I’m Listening but I’m not a bleeding hearted Liberal

At the risk of being called a tree hugging, bleeding hearted Liberal, I will attempt to answer your three questions (D Entwistle,6/10).

You could put forward a proposal to build a Christian school in Afghanistan. However the current Christians over there conduct their services underground in secret because of the prejudice. Would this be the model you would choose ? Or perhaps we should lead by example, after all, are we not the “civilised people” ?

Secondly, Yes you could join the Black Police Officers Association, if you so wanted.

Thirdly, we have to trust the decision made by the Public Prosecution Services’  decision “not in public interest”

If we were to compare our judicial system with everyone else’s, we would be near the top, it’s a highly respected system  although there is always room for improvement.

You mention integration, but you fail to mention which party doesn’t want to integrate, both, either or some of both ?

Race Discrimination Laws were introduced to address what it says. Like any new system, it takes time to get used to a new way of thinking a bit like the decimalisation back in the 70’s. Older folk were not happy with all the new stuff.

Likewise our language and approach need some adjustments and it will take time.

With regards to the BNP, if you look at the background to the EU elections, the worst recession in living memory, rising unemployment, influx of economic migrants and the Labour Party not being very attractive,  there  was only a marginal increase in their overall vote. Only 2.7% of the electorate voted for them that leaves 93.3% who didn’t vote for them.


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