Good story to tell

Greg Pope MP wasn’t wrong when he said “Labour have a good story to tell on schools, the NHS, tackling crime and taking action on climate change” (9/10).

It’s a pity it isn’t a good one.

The PFI and BFS projects will ensure, in the not too distant future, that schools and hospitals will be making frontline cuts to pay the rent.

Our own Lancashire police Force recently came top of the class for performance, but for all those unfortunate enough to become victims of crime will know, this was a box ticking performance and bears no resemblance to the apathy they show to tackling crime. The politicisation of the Police Force has resulted in a shift towards looking good rather than being good.

On climate change, we could put ourselves on the world stage by extolling the virtues of free public transport .

Alas, party politics has negated any real chance of common sense policies. Indeed gang mentality has ensured that only gang members get in.

However, not wanting to sound all doom and gloom, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You could, come May next year, make your vote count !


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