Adding to the comments made by Billy the Bus, the Tories made the point about “why should people who don’t use the bus service subsidise those that do”. I would prefer to go the extra mile and provide free public transport for everyone, after all we provide a lot of subsidiesw anyway. It would reduce the carbon footprint, take more traffic off the roads, less accidents leading to a cleaner safer environment. The reason none of the main parties have this idea on their agenda right now, despite the inevitable gridlock, are the interested parties who make money out of the current situation. Government makes billions in fuel tax. Councils make millions in parking charges and fines. Oil companies and car manufacturers prefer a car dependent economy. Supermarkets want you to travel out of town and bus and train operators make their money out of the inefficiency of our transport agenda.

One Response to “Buses”

  1. Well said! The Tories deserve an answer to their question. And you have done well. Welcome to the international movement for free public transport!

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