We’re not all stupid

It is Nigel Evans MP who is making an error of judgment on MP Alan Duncan coming up with a poor excuse for Duncans comments. ” Living on rations”  on 60k + a year highlights how far removed Duncan is from the people he was elected to represent.
MP Alan Duncan, made his fortune on the back of the Gulf Wars, through his own consultancy. Being paid a pittance I’m sure as a Minister in a new Tory Gvt we would not have got the best out of him. 
If I had a million quid I would not be taking a wage as an MP, I wouldn’t need it when you consider the amount our pensioners live off a week. Clearly some folk will never have enough money. 
Maybe MP Nigel Evans comments should not be taken at face value and should be seen as buttering up to his new leader. A product of the sycophantic crony mechanism we call party politics.
When you consider MP Nigel Evans own comments/joke about making his own sandwiches for work and the fact he opposed the minimum wage, the whole thing isn’t that funny.

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