Head not Buried

Your reply M Humphrey,( What’s on their minds? 7/08) is a little light on substance and I’m struggling to see how any of it relates to my letter.In response to your points, there is a sad irony to your “selective amnesia” claim when extracting phrases to suit an argument, (Surah 9.73). It was about how to deal with those who had broken a treaty and only after 4 months, giving time for those to repent. If you had read the whole chapter you would have come across ” For Allah loveth the righteous” (Surah 9.4). No harm came to those who upheld the treaty.
It would not be unreasonable to think that those 9/11 terrorists also had misguided beliefs brought about by out of context quotes. Only a fool would think that a few misguided extremists represent a majority view. 
The application for an Islamic state in Great Britain should be taken with a pinch of salt. Is anyone feeling threatened by the Scottish Jacobite Party, who want to move the Scottish border as far South as Morcambe ?
99% of the population in Turkey are Muslims, yet it is not an Islamic State. They choose to live in a secular system. As for voluntary repatriation for those who do not like the current system in this country, only the bankers are happy with this one.
“Racism is a two way street”, well I’m not a racist, so be like me, why become an idiot like a racist. Racism is the lowest form of intelligence.

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