Playground Antics

In reply to Mr. Humphry (3/7), on a basic level we all want to live in a safe and secure environment and to enjoy life. If we start by excluding others who are deemed to be different by skin colour or religious beliefs, for example, we become divisive and create conflict and hostility.

I respect anyone who gets off their backsides and sets out to make the place a little bit better, even if I disagree with their ideas. Pooling the talents of everyone out there is the way forward, not excluding groups based on skin colour or any other differences. Excluding others simply on skin colour belongs in the playground and should not become an adult theme in politics. Perhaps the Observer could run an article on the Jane Elliot “Blue eyed Brown eyed” experiment that shows how ridiculous our prejudices can be towards other people who are deemed “different” and how they felt after their experiences of prejudice.

My letter merely vented my anger and frustration of our politicians and media that has created the type of voter apathy that allows for results that we got. I do not condone the actions of protesters against Mr. Griffin,  I would much prefer debate.

The problems that we are experiencing in our economy is a result of the economic model not immigration or benefit cheats like some of the media would have us believe.

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