With all the talk about fiscal stimulus’s to kick start the economy by way of more consumption, the environmental issues take a back seat. Would it not be better to create a greener economy rather than propping up things like a defunct car industry for example. Free public transport with money spent on upgrading the infrastructure coming from the £100b we could save from scrapping a pointless, on two levels, trident nuclear  system and add 1p in income tax to fund it. At least we would see something for the money we are all going to pay.

 We are also missing a golden opportunity to spread the necessary work load amongst the population rather than creating jobs making rubbish and ultimately wasting the finite resources of the world. In the pursuit of leisure sounds a lot better than unemployed. The country is not going to come to a grinding halt with 3 million unemployed sat at home. If you are an advocate of capitalism then stop complaining if you have lost out, that is the deal, winners(only a few) and losers. In the coming months you will see were all your money went when they come back for the bargain basements, because some have made a killing.

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