Come the Revolution

When the dust has settled and the impact on many people of businesses and homes lost sinks in their will be civil unrest. Its just a question of time before the public realize that the foxes are still looking after the chickens. The  Sir Fred debacle is a good example of the systematic corruption going on at the top. How many people out there who were looking forward to retirement only to find the company they worked for in trouble and the pension fund disappearing. These bankers bankrupted their companies and have been saved and now they want their bonuses and pensions, its sick. For those of us that ARE interested in politics and would like to change things, understand that the status quo will remain and nothing will change, while egocentric self serving cronies remain in power. I’m surprised that little is said about alternative systems when the so called best minds around, the economists, have no idea what to do and how things will pan out, propping up an ill conceived idea called capitalism.


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