Bus Lane

I wasn’t aware that the County Council employed someone to look at the future of Public Transport. I can tell them, for nothing, that in a few years time there will be total gridlock. Bus lanes and congestion charges are just futile ideas to put off the inevitable gridlock.

Depending on whose figures you look at, every adult in the country will owe £32,000 each in bailing out the banks in the next couple of years, more money than any previous Governments put together, get the picture, a lot of money. Oh, I forgot to mention, there will be nothing, absolutely nothing to show for all the money we are borrowing. So, I propose that we borrow a little bit more and provide a world class transport system free to everyone, after all we’re not to a few more billion. Hard economics will get people out of 2nd cars, reduce congestion and, more importantly, our carbon footprints. You only need to go on some of the private bus company websites to see them spouting about the effect of using buses to reduce our carbon footprints. At least we could show something for our money.

You can understand why “free public transport” isn’t on any of the major political parties agendas when you think of who does benefit from this poorly planned transport system of ours.

The Government take billions in fuel tax, local councils charge for parking and make additional money from parking enforcements. Police make money from speed cameras, car manufacturers want to sell more cars and the Supermarkets want you to drive out of town to shop. So sod the planet and the people, there’s money to be made from a poorly planned infrastructure.

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