Alcohol Damage

Don Foster MP (Letters 17/02) misses the point that lies at the heart of the problem. The only reason the sellers of alcohol sell as much as possible to as many people as possible is profit. It is a primary cause of most of the bad things that go on banking, wars, crime, exploitation, environmental damage, the list goes on. A new sustainable socioeconomic system is required, but whilst the capitalists look round for anything that will fix this insane system, we will have to wait a little longer. There doesn’t appear to be any reporting in the media of alternative systems. The Technocrats appear to have a certain appeal and have been predicting a crash of the sort we are experiencing since 1931 ! They would appear to be the  best kept secret of the 20thC . They would get rid of the budget restraint that is an inherent problem in all the public services, including the NHS, due to current economic models of scarcity and profit.


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