Electoral reform or smokescreen for the foxes

You can fix the gate, build a larger, stronger perimeter fence, improve the food – but the foxes will still be looking after the chickens. How is it that such honorable souls as our MP’s require rules, regulations, guidelines and laws to show them right from wrong.

All these MP’s are active advocates of a system harnessed during the Thatcher era, you have to help yourself, no one else is going to look after you.

I don’t know anyone yet who has declared that they have enough money to live off. How could they, not knowing how long you’re going to live. The money is an unquenchable thirst, and our MP’s were only helping themselves like anyone else who advocates a “dog eat dog” and “I’m alright Jack” system of economics.

We need to look at other ways of living our lives, pulling together a moving forward in a more sensible, sustainable and secure way for all of us.

If we don’t start thinking outside the box there is a danger of the chickens voting for Christmas in the next General Election – same old politics !

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